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Ellen Brubaker returned from her movie shoot in Egypt. She was tanned and bright and exhilarated at the success of the production. Besides, she was the sole member of the starring cast who had not taken sick.

Now arrived in blessed Manhattan, USA, before unpacking, she nervously dialed the phone for Mistress Dominique Medford. God, did she miss Peter. Her one thought these last few weeks was to get home and have her beloved slave Peter returned to her. And she was just giddy and thrilled at the gift she'd brought for him: a signet ring of solid Egyptian gold.

The phone rang. Damn! A machine!

Nervous, Ellen's voice cracked. "Uh... yes, Mistress Dominique, it's Ellen Brubaker. Could you please call me back? I'd like you to put me in touch with the two girls who are looking after Peter for me?" She let out a timid laugh. "You know, I do want him back. I'll talk to you later. Bye for now."

Shit. Why hadn't she gotten the names, address and phone number of the two lesbians caring for Peter? She could have called them directly. She'd have to wait now for Mistress Dominique to call her back.

But Mistress Dominique was not about to call Ellen back. Not unless she came out of the coma.

Felicia Medford (Mistress Dominique) was comatose from an auto accident just a week prior, and lay in an overheated room in NYU Downtown Hospital on Beekman Street. And buried somewhere inside Felicia's comatose brain were the names of the two lesbians "taking care" of Peter Leaman.


Ellen Brubacker hires a private eye to find her lost slave, Peter Leaman. But when Ed Elias discovers where Peter's being held... well, for his own sake he'd better not fall into the sadistic hands of Jesse Cord and Gem Barnett. Those tranquilizer darts can knock down a rhinoceros, why not big Ed Elias?

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