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Every home in Imperia had a "discipline" room. In almost every case they were furnished and equipped with a vast array of instruments of punishment and torture. Women in Imperia did not call these rooms "playrooms" or "dungeons" as did outsiders. They called the room for what it was, a place to administer discipline, whether merited or not.

Servex was bound, standing upright, his arms stretched overhead, leather wristbands connected to a heavy chain that hung darkly from a sturdy beam high above. His ankles were attached to a spreader bar, holding his legs wide apart. Of course, he was naked.

Placed in the center of the room meant that the sadists could get at him from all angles. This frightened him more, as did Gem Barnett's girlish humming as she went about arranging and collecting her tools of torture.

Servex had been sweating from the moment Jesse had climbed on a stool to fasten his cuffs overhead. Freed from the cramped high heels, he had a momentary solace, his feet placed comfortably flat on the floor. But he faced another dilemma, one that allowed him another comfort: he'd been released from the confinement of the chastity device. The dilemma was that he could erect, and with two scantily clad hotties in such close proximity there was no way he could not prevent it. What percentage of hetero men can claim such control? One percent? He thought this--foolishly--as an excuse: "But, Mistress, only one percent of men can control their own erections." Meanwhile, he knew the truth: they would accept no excuse for his reaction. And despite the terror instilled by the pending beating and torture, the sight, aroma and intimate movements of the achingly beautiful demons aroused him.

His 7" spear--which Ellen Brubaker had considered sleek and delicious--began to lift and grow. Within seconds, his penis stood out front of him, bobbing in hunger and frustration. This, of course infuriated the lesbians.

"Will you get a load of this, Gem. What a fucking nerve."

Gem hurried over beside Jesse. "You fucking low life. What the fuck you expect to do with that? You're disgusting!"

And with that she began to slap his penis forehand and back. Then downward, as if to punish it back into flaccid position. But, as if to defy her, he only stiffened more... the punishment became a paradoxical fright for him, as, although painful, it was not enough so, and it only served to turn him on more (Just the sight of the girl expending feminine vehemence on her slapping, her small breasts bobbing, her pretty face just inches from his penis...and the small, delicate hand applying the sting...well, all of this had the opposite effect that both she and he wanted).

Servex closed his eyes tightly, gritted his teeth, and tried to will away his arousal... but it was useless. This bit of torture aroused him more.

There was a way to get it to go down, of course, and Servex in a moment of delirium prayed that Gem Barnett might consider it... God, it would take only a pump or two. But his solution, he knew, was not their solution; not in a million years with these two.

His penis bounced and seemed to frolic with each vicious slap, and began to redden. Jesse yelled, "Stop! I know how to handle this." And she shoved Gem gently to the side.

Taking a step back, Jesse swung her boot upward, kicking between Servex's spread legs. She connected right at the apex of his crotch, and the blow to his balls took the wind out of him. His knees collapsed and he hung momentarily from his wrists. The stunning pain was unlike any he'd had before; even tennis balls at 100 miles an hour had never deflated him as this did. Had he not been bound to the overhead chains he'd be groveling, balled up on the floor, struggling for a breath and wishing away the agony.

Jesse Cord's remedy worked, though, and as Servex wriggled in his bonds, she turned with a smile to Gem and said, simply: "See? Now you can go to work."

"Work" meant attaching a leather band around the base of Servex's scrotum, this to which weights would be attached. They would dangle just inches below, swaying and tugging at his sensitive sac with every lash of their whips.

"I'm putting on ten pounds," Gem announced.

"No, sweety, better make it five. We don't want to cripple the creature."

Gem never argued with Jesse. She found the 5 lb. Dumbbell and strung it below the groaning fearful Servex. I'll take it out on the rest of his body, she thought, admitting to herself that the 5 lbs. felt rather hefty in her hand, and more so when she saw the way the iron weight stretched Servex's ball sac so grotesquely.

Finally, bound as he was, arms overhead, legs spread wide by an aluminum spreader bar, weight hanging from his scrotum, the sight brought a thrill to the two sadists. They stood about six feet from him, Jesse's arm around the waist of the smaller Gem. As if upon silent signal, they turned to each other and kissed. As Jesse's hands roamed and glided softly over Gem's delicious little body, Servex closed his eyes. This was too much. Denied and frustrated for weeks, he could not bear to watch the sensuality in front of him. But he'd shut his eyes too late; already he'd been affected, and his penis once more stood out in front, rising, trying to reach for something it could never have.

Breaking away from her kiss, Jesse exclaimed hoarsely, "Well, can you believe this? The balls on this big stud? The obnoxious bastard's at it again."

"Let me take care of it this time."

Oh, God... no! thought Servex. I can't take another kick like that. He began to inch his feet backwards, as if that was going to save him. All this accomplished was to add strain to his wrists and arms. He thought of pleading, but he knew that would just bring ridicule on him; he'd begged mercy many times before and the pair of hellions just laughed and mocked him.

"No, Gem. Don't kick him. I have another idea. Find me a nice length of rawhide thong... yes, that 36" will do just great. And the 2 lb. lead weight? Is that around anywhere?"

Jesse squatted and tied an end of the rawhide thong around Sevex's cock, tightly, just behind the head. The thong, still awaiting the lead weight, still dug in and created a deep groove in his sensitive flesh. And still, Servex could not deflate his rampant erection. This seemingly self-minded extension was so very needy it was driving him mad, and a few drops of opalescent pre-cum oozed from the tiny slit and fell to the floor.

His penis, considered so sleek and velvety to Ellen Brubaker, appeared to the lesbians as no more than an affront; a blatant and arrogant symbol of male brutishness. And possession of a penis like this was valid reason in itself to warrant severe punishment.

"The 2 lb. weight. Good. Let's put a drag on this. Now let's see the bitch wave his thing like a goddam flag."

She tied the weight to the dangling end of the rawhide, about 12" below his penis. She lowered it gently, rather than let it drop. For a second it seemed as if the rebellious hard-on was going to defy the 2 lbs. But the blood-engorged member gave in slowly, like an arm wrestler losing slowly to the inevitable. And Servex was now in a state of confused pain, as both his penis and balls were stretched downward by the inexorable weights.

He gritted his teeth, baring the whiteness. He closed his eyes and grimaced. Jesse and Gem clapped their hands.

"Just beautiful. Simple beautiful," Gem said.

"Let the whipping commence," Jesse giggled, moving to the palette, where two dozen whips, canes, crops and straps lay.

"What... and don't do something for his nipples? Those tiny, flat as a quarter, useless things? We just gotta torture those too, honey."

Gem's platform heels clacked as she walked to a sideboard where she found a pair of glistening nipple clamps connected by a shiny stout chain. Coming back, she waved the clamps in Servex's face.

"Look, you helpless turd, we want to help you. We want to make your flat, do-nothing nipples look more like normal nipples. Since our last session the stubborn male things have gone flat again."

She reached slowly to him and with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand, pinched the flesh around his left nipple and pulled it forward. This made his nipple prominent enough to accept the vise-like grip of the clamp.

Until the clamp bit down, Servex felt her closeness and the warm feminine fingers highly arousing. Her excited breath just below him was perfumed. God, if he could only drop that goddam weight on his cock and plunge it into her.

Then she released the tension on the clamp and it bit into his nipple. He gasped in pain. He was forbidden to speak, but could not help himself. He cried out, "Oh, God... no! No! It's too much. I can't take it."

Gem dropped the chain and the single clamp held onto his left nipple. Unexpectedly, she burst out laughing, actually bent over at the waist. Almost choking, she turned to face Jesse and squealed, "He can't take it. The poor baby can't take it."

Jesse smiled broadly, enjoying her lover's antics. Meanwhile, Servex battled his bonds, the spreader bar between his legs rattling. But this was counter-productive as the jostling shook the hanging weights, making those areas hurt him more.

"Please... please," he begged. "Just take it off for a second. Oh, God."

Gem turned back, a tear of laughter clinging to a bottom lash. "I got a good offer for you, asshole. Listen to this. You take the next clamp without a big fucking fuss and I won't hang any weights from this connector chain. Deal?"

Servex closed his eyes and lifted his handsome head. He looked as if he was beseeching God. He sucked in a breath. He had no choice. Accept the known torture or be punished by an additional torture.

He felt Gem's warm fingers now reach for his right nipple. And a new agony shot through him. Somehow he kept his complaints to a low groan.

"Good boy," Gem said sweetly, and reached up and patted his cheek.

"God, you are one magnificent little bitch," said Jesse, stepping forward. "Come to momma and kiss me. You made me so wet, and my knees are so weak I can hardly stand."

They kissed and fondled and made cooing noises. And Servex, writhing in agony wished them dead. But not, God, not until he is released from this. When he opened his eyes again, Jesse and Gem were holding leather whips.

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