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Servex did not move. Upon his back rested the Mistresses' cocktails, ashtray and other items, dispersed over Servex's muscular back. Fixed in place by the rigid bondage, he kept himself somewhat sane thinking of Ellen; imagining how differently he'd be treated at this moment, giving himself over to Ellen's penchant for fondling and toying with his handsome erection.

"You know what that Pushta bitch did to me in the nail place today?" Jesse fumed. "Stuck the cuticle stick into me like she was testing a fucking steak for tenderness. That screech you heard was me."

"Bitch should be strung up by her tits," Gem replied, taking a sip from her martini, then replacing the stemmed glass on Servex's back. "You know, Lola Dean was talking about bringing a tutor into town (Imperia) to teach slaves to do manicures and peds."

"Yeah, I guess it's a good idea. But it's still good to get out into vanilla land now and then. God, this place is intended to be a haven for slavery, but not a goddam prison for us Dommes. Besides, this creature in front of us is on loan. Why pay to teach him so that Ellen Brubacker can benefit?"

To hear his beloved owner's name mentioned gave Servex a renewed sense of resolve. Yes, you devilish cunts, three months are almost passed, and my freedom is near.

Suddenly, a booted foot plopped down upon the nape of Servex's neck. Although he'd suffered this additional torture of being footrest before, the swift and sneaky action surprised him and he jumped. The result?... Gem's martini glass toppled and fell to the floor. Jesse had hers in hand.

"Goddam shit head!" Gem cried out, removing her boot from his neck and using it to kick him viciously in his chest. Servex again flinched and cried out in shock, but did not topple any other items. "What'd we have planned tonight for this useless turd?"

"Just an old-fashioned whip-fest," Jesse replied, sipping her martini. "The usual Friday night summation of demerits and the execution of sentence."

"Tonight gotta be special," Gem yelled, leaning forward, close to Servex's right ear. "You just keep digging yourself in deeper and deeper, don't you, shit breath? You are so fucking lucky that glass didn't break."

She retrieved it from the carpet and refilled it from the pitcher on Servex's back.

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