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Servex (no longer Peter Leaman, pro tennis player), hurried back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the two tyrants. As he stood at a long counter extracting juice from oranges, his feet were hurting. The ridiculously high heels seemed designed purposely for both maximum humiliation and pain. As he pressed oranges in the hand juicer, he stared out the window, becoming distracted by the bright sunshine. People, he thought, were going about their business, doing mundane yet pleasant things: dressing, getting ready for the day, flying off to happy vacations, even making breakfast... eggs frying in skillets, snapping gaily as they formed.

He too was making breakfast, but no mundane task his. He had become slave Servex, lent out (bequeathed?... God, he prayed not) to the pair of beautiful but sadistic lesbians.

He leaned for a moment against an opposing counter. No respite here: his ass and entire back were in pain from last night's assault. This morning when he'd checked himself in the bathroom mirror he'd been shocked. His backside was a criss-cross of welts and bruises. Almost like some bizarre palette of pain, an ugly array of colors lay splattered across his entire back and ass, like some drunken Jackson Pollack had got hold of whips instead of paint cans.

But this was the work of Jesse Cord and her evil colleague Gem Barnett. Last night, while serving as their coffee table--a male posed as a human piece of furniture--they discussed plans to "punish" him. They talked as if he wasn't there... although he was, for sure, down on all fours, hands and ankles locked into iron shackles, a stiff bar keeping all points at a prescribed immovable distance. Even his thighs were bound, at a fixed distance from his wrists, with his wrists forced to reach out forward, this so the human back was kept level--otherwise, as Gem put it, "we'd have to cut his arms of at the wrists."

Jesse Cord was the alpha bitch. She was 28, stood at 5'9" with light gray eyes framed by naturally dark lashes. Her eyes had a startling hawkish quality, and she loved to stare down subordinates, challenging them, forcing other eyes to yield. Her hair was dirty blond, long and straight, hanging down her back below her shoulder blades. When she walked, either coming or going, Servex marveled at the lean feminine leopard.

Her partner in crime--and in bed--was Gem Barnett. Smaller, more youthful, almost pixie-ish, made up for her subordinate role by added persecution of Servex, devising new methods of inflicting humiliations and cruelties. And when whipping... well, she was the more ferocious of the pair.

The two of them loved to dress in outrageously sexy outfits, even at home. This night they chose severe, leather dominatrix outfits, with spike heel boots. Jesse topped off her outfit with a leather military cap, cocked to one side.

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