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Ellen met with Mistress Dominique. Wanted her advice.

"Well, first thing you must do, sweetie, is keep him occupied. You just can't leave a gorgeous hunk like Peter Leaman roaming this City uncollared."

Although Ellen could appreciate the wisdom of the advice, she could not see the solution. "What do I do, dear? How do I keep him occupied?"

"Lend him out. Assign him service to someone else. You have friends? Lady friends?"

From her posture, Mistress Dominique could see Ellen was opposed to that suggestion, both from points of discretion and of jealousy.

"Wait a minute. I have someone. Actually, a pair of someones," Mistress Dominique laughed, sitting up. "And it's absolutely perfect. They'll agree to take him off your hands for a few months."

"What? Who? Why's it so perfect?"

"They're a pair of lesbians. A nice young couple I know through the Lesbian Mafia. They don't like men... but they do love slaves."

"Lesbian Mafia?" Ellen asked, incredulous. "Heavens, what is that?"

"A lesbian society. Mostly, they abhor men. But anyway, this couple happens to be seeking a houseslave."

"But I don't want to give him up, Dominique. This is just for a loaner, right?"

"Actually, that's all they need at the moment. But they do need a slave almost immediately. It seems they are trying to qualify to enter this exclusive community in the Midwest, but in order to get in you have to have a male slave. Once they are accepted, they can release your Peter upon your return."

Mistress Dominique smiled and winked. The two shook hands.

As Dominique said, this would be just perfect. Lesbians... Ellen had to smile to herself. Peter would find no sexual solace while being boarded with a pair of man haters. There'd be no competition from some lecherous female rival. Not even the kind of loving and petting he'd gotten used to. Even Peter would agree to this, being lent out for a brief time to lesbians who just need him for show.

"But you have to be strong, sweetie," Mistress Dominique cautioned her. "You have to put it in a way that will bring no defiance. And, above all, you must tell him that this is a test, and that if he fails to complete this assignment then it will mean an end between you and he."

"Oh no! I can't possibly do that."

"You have to. Otherwise he'll stay here. Alone in this big city. All untethered. Wandering the lascivious lustful canyons of the Meat Packing District. Listen, sweetie, you don't have to actually mean it. You can pick up with him when you get back, even if he drops out. But most importantly, you must make him believe it. That's the most likely way for the plot to succeed...with him convinced that to keep you he must serve out his term. And as an actress, I know you can pull this off."

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